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We are just getting started with this wonderful program. I am trying to combine resources with Urban Dynamics, Inc because they have a program already in place, but I am not currently connected with them at this time. I am not sure what their ultimate goals are in terms of activities, but I am interested in teaching your child tennis to the point where she or he can join excel on any high school tennis team as well as qualify for college scholarship if they choose to stick with the sport.

Please contact me at waterburytennis (at) att (dot) net and/or 203 528 0041.

Though the tennis summer season is coming to an end but I will still be available after 2pm to sundown as long as the weather holds out and there is no conflict with the Fulton Park courts.

Please visit the ten and under tennis link to see what the USTA (United States Tennis Association) would like to do with tennis training. They also have offer for one year free membership for any child ten and under. I agree with their new philosophy but do not feel we need to wait to get access to their courts to move forward.

Also, besides the women playing in New Haven right now, the US Open starts on Monday, August 29, with a lot of coverage on ESPN2.  See the link to visit their website.


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