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Introducing Arthur Snipes:

I have been playing tennis for 35 years. I started while completing my PhysEd requirement in college and fell in love with the game. I loved the fact that you could run as fast as you wanted, hit the ball as hard as you could, work up a good sweat without doing any harm to your opponent; it was a contact sport without the contact. This was my senior year at Macalester College in St Paul, Mn (getting those requirements out of the way at the last moment) so I was too old to consider any professional ambitions, but I was glad to find a physical compliment to my corporate desk job at State Farm Insurance where I started as a Management Trainee. After that one semester in school, I learned my tennis by watching matches on TV and playing against my friends and neighbors; I never took another lesson.

My love for tennis inspired me to transfer from St Paul, where we spent too much of the year playing indoors, to Los Angeles, where there was plenty of sunshine, courts and tennis players; I spent 23 years in LA watching and playing tennis before the events of 9/11 brought me back to the East Coast to be closer to my mother and sisters.

My goal is to pass on my love and knowledge of the game to others of all ages.  Everyone can benefit from playing tennis, but it is especially important to get the youngsters involved at an early age. I would like to show kids how much fun tennis is to play but also how it is a great game for exercise with a cardio-burn equal to basketball or soccer.

Contact me at waterburytennis (at) att (dot) net and 203 528 0041 and together we can get your child started in a sport they will love for the rest of their lives.


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