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Five kids, five tennis balls, three racquets, and sunshine still equals FUN!

Thank you! to the parents and guardians of John Paul, Anthony, Vanessa and the Genua siblings for bringing the kids out to Fulton Park, Waterbury for a fun day in the sun playing and learning tennis. We were able to have fun and progress their skills in hitting a tennis ball with the most limited of resources. Even with a hurricane bearing down on us, it was a beautiful day and we were able to run around the courts getting some exercise and a tan as an added bonus.

Thanks to Waterbury science teacher Jerry Genua for his expertise in keeping the kids interested and even retrieving wayward tennis balls. We started with only three balls and were able to scavenge a couple more around the outside of the courts (thank you to those past players who were not willing to look for them). This was enough for the kids to do some drills: learning racquet grip, hitting stance, hitting balls over the net not over the fence (this is not baseball guys) and moving to the ball for contact. After that we played “JAIL” and “1 on 1” tennis matches, all for about an hour and a half. Congratulations to the winners!

I am also very happy to see that we were not the only ones out on the beautiful Fulton Park courts. Two couples were out enjoying the day giving me the opportunity to remind the kids of tennis court etiquette; how important it is not to run or even walk on to another court when others are playing.


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