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Hello Waterbury! Let’s Play Tennis

We need to get our children back outside in the sun and exercising.

We need to get American children back into tennis.

For the first time in three decades we have no American woman in the top ten and only one male, go Mardy Fish (ranked #7) and the Bryan Brothers who are still number 1 in doubles. The Williams’ sisters are still great but they are now 30-years-old plus (Venus is 31 and Serena turns 30 next month) not ancient but old in any professional sport.

Tennis in the USA is still a pathway to college for all the major universities in every part of the country. Right now many of those scholarships are going to foreign players because there are not enough good players in the states. This means your child can benefit without going pro.

Like any pro sport not every player gets rich but the winning purse at the upcoming US Open is 1.4 million. That is for both the top man and woman while the winning doubles team splits $750K

I would like to offer my services to get your child started in this great sport.

I am currently offering to get your young tennis player to the point that they can consistently hit a forehand  inbounds and rally forehand to forehand for  no charge. Advancing to backhand and serve will cost and by that time we will be able to determine if they have the interest to continue.

Your initial investment will be the purchase of a child size racket, a tennis ball hopper and as many new and old tennis balls as you can


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